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Rona Borges.

Latin America Regional Director

Rona Borges is a member of the Strategic Impact Latin America (SILA) team.  He is a young, 32 year old single man from Barquisimeto, Venezuela who is a dynamic leader in our movement.  He has been involved with Strategic Impact since 2007 as part of the first generation of leaders that began the ministry of multiplication in Venezuela, reaching to the 4th generation of leaders in his country. As he grew and developed in his ministry he became part of the SI Venezuela National Team, while also helping to start and expand the work to other countries — Peru, Colombia, Cuba and Bolivia. He now serves on the SILA team and oversees the ministry of training leaders, making disciples, planting churches and spreading movements in 15 different Latin American countries, primarily in the Central America region from Guatemala to Panama.  He is currently lives in San Salvador, El Salvador. 

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