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Dustin L McCarty.

International Executive Team

Africa Director

Dustin grew up in the rural community of Hennessey, Oklahoma and came to trust Christ as his savior after hearing the gospel in "Children's Church."  He later graduated from Oklahoma State University, where he met and married Tracy in 1993.  After years in the fields of education and business development, Dustin began to sense a calling to occupational ministry.  In 2004, Dustin became the first full-time staff member of Strategic Impact.  He now oversees the continent of Africa - teaching, coaching, encouraging, resourcing, counseling, and serving - so that all may hear the beautiful truth of the gospel.  Dustin also plays a leadership role on SI International's Executive Team and handles a lot of the ministry's logistics.  In addition to the work with Strategic Impact, he serves as an Elder and Pastor of Community Outreach at Denton Community Church.  He teaches Missions Geography to tomorrow's leaders at Denton Calvary Academy.  Dustin works regularly in outreach to the homeless community and has previously served on the Board of Directors for local ministries, such as Denton Freedom House and Light Farms Community Cooperative.   

Dustin and his family love the outdoors.  You can often find them out in creation camping, hunting, at a horse show, or on some treacherous 4x4 trail in the Land Cruiser.  He resides in Denton, Texas with his bride (Tracy), three at-home daughters (Trinity, Remington, & Sierra Justace), three dogs (Lyric - the good dog, Griswold Grizzersmith III - the bad dog, & Roscoe - the big dog), two guinea pigs (Charlemagne & S'Mores), a rabbit (Bun-Bun), a horse (Gypsy), and their nearby adult daughter and her husband (Dakota & Cody). 


Dustin is still astonished that the Lord would make a way for him to be reconciled to God and is pleasantly surprised that his Savior would call a boy out of the sticks in Oklahoma to walk in such deep, loving community with Pastors and Leaders on the other side of the planet!   

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