Our Quechua brothers.

3 years ago, we conducted a Leadership Conference in partnership with a church-planting ministry, working in Quito, Ecuador. We left that conference with mixed feelings about how much the nationals really wanted to reach their nation for Christ. Specifically, we were targeting an unreached people group, called the Quechua

Indians. If you’ve ever seen these diminutive people, they wear brightly colored vests, and black fedora hats.

The first time I met them, I had this déjà vu sensation that I had seen them before. And in fact, I had, in an old National Geographic magazine. Even though there are over 1 million of these Indians, they are still considered

an “unreached” people group; and are viewed at the “bottom” of the socio-economic system in Ecuador.

My heart leapt within me, when I recently received word, that using the Leadership Tools we had taught them, they have launched a strategy to plant new churches in 1,000 villages of Ecuador!

Praise God for His wonderful work! And we are so blessed to be just a small part of it!

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