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A church on fire!

Several years ago, there was a church in one of the villages around the city of Luwingu in Northern Zambia. However, due to some failures of the leadership (the pastor became involved in witchcraft, and the other church leaders were exposed for immoral behaviour), the village came together and burned down the church building. As our team of local pastors humbly were there during that week, humbly sharing the word of God and loving people in the village, the story became more and more clear... and some of the believers began to repent and turn to Jesus. At the end of the week, a new church was birthed with 72 people in attendance - a mixture of new believers and those who have returned to the faith! They met under a large tree... in sight of the burned out building of the past.

This so strongly reinforced the need for our work to continue! Equipping pastors and leaders in areas of Character and Personal Development first... THEN in Leadership Skills... and FINALLY in the outpouring of the Ministry of making multiplying disciples who plant multiplying churches!

It was an exciting week of training, with 34 pastors from 7 different denominations present. As is our custom, in the afternoons, we went out into the villages and conducted personal evangelism along with initial discipleship of the new believers. In all, over 150 people made professions of faith, many believers rededicated their lives, 5 new churches were planted, and all 34 pastors and leaders enrolled in the School of Multiplying Leaders for ongoing accountability and training! These are churches on fire for Christ!

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