A bus ride that changed her life.

While in Bauleni, Zambia, it became clear that the small-group accountability, and the training has begun to take root. Some of our students could not attend the daytime teachings due to work, but they were certainly there for the evening sessions. One lady had sacrificially come straight from her place of work on a mini-bus in order to attend... she had not even gone home first!

She happened to come in during a time of testimony regarding the afternoon’s evangelism work. She raised her hand to share (which was odd, since she had been at work all day). She then shared that her heart went out to a woman on her mini-bus, who was struggling. She reached out with the love of Christ to this woman and shared the Gospel with her, and the woman trusted Jesus for salvation! I thought the lady had finished her testimony as the applause died down, but NO, she grabbed for the hand of the woman next to her, and said, “so I brought the new believer with me so she may begin to grow in her new found faith!”

What a grand example for us all! Not only watching expectedly for the opportunity to make new disciples as a normal part of her everyday life - but also immediately beginning to mature those disciples into mature, multiplying followers of Christ!

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