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Thank you so much for your generous financial investment in Strategic Impact. God is using your partnership with us to make an internal difference all over the world. Almost every day (and sometimes multiple times a day) we receive reports about what the Lord is doing through this ministry. Here are just a few that we’ve heard in the last week:

  • From Peru: A group of 30 in our School of Multiplying Church Planters saw 13 people trust in Christ

  • From Spain: 11 new people enrolled in our “School”

  • From Bolivia: A team traveled to a city 5 hours away to train others and initiate a School of Multiplying Church Planters. During evangelism 22 people trusted in Christ as Savior.

  • From Lesotho in Africa: A 100 year old lady accepted Christ and a taxi driver did also. A local church in a community embarks on evangelism every Saturday. A pastor reports that, “Our youth are claiming the street for Christ.”

As more and more pastors, leaders, disciples and churches are multiplied, there is a growing movement in almost 30 countries of the world where SI now has ministry. THANK YOU for your part in making this happen!

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